Why waste my time making video’s if I don’t make money out of it? Good question and I’m not sure I no the answer myself but I will try and explain. I’m very inquisitive and love learning to do new things, that’s probably why I’m in the Information Technology sector. I also love history which drive me to the news, because we live in a period unlike any other before.

I’m a white South African so any thing I say about my government, ruling party or people of color is immediately dismissed as racist and with dire consequences.

I’ve been trying to worn the world about this force of multiculturalism and socialism for years. Well it finally caught up to you, only Christian countries. Why, because we feel we have to apologize for everything anyone ever did and it’s easy to silence us with words like racist, fascist, homophobic, sexist, antisemitic or transphobic and the multitude of other new words I’ve never even heard before.

That’s it for know, I will ad on to what I believe and stand for as I get time to spend working on the website, but for know you can follow me on MINDS by clicking the picture below and registering. Full disclosure this is an affiliate link so should you spend money on MINDS I will make a small commission¬†